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Association for Rural Cooperation And Development (ARCAD-Pak) Abbottabad - Pakistan

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A-99 Mansehra Road,Abbottabad Pakistan.

ARCAD-Pak Welcome you to visit Abbottabad a beautiful, cool and peaceful place ever you find in Pakistan!

 ARCAD-Pak was established in 1990 as a non profit, non-governmental organization and was registered in 1992 under volunteer social welfare (R&C) ordinance 1961 vide registration No.  DSW/687 with Social Welfare Department NWFP.

ARCAD-Pak works towards bringing about policy and institutional changes by mobilizing deprived and marginalized communities with a view to creating an environment in which communities at the local level may be able to transform their lives through the equitable and sustainable use of natural resources.

ARCAD-Pak works on range of interlinked programmes; community-based institutional development, gender, natural resources management, village infrastructure, health, reproductive health, sanitation, community savings, small enterprise development and legal advocacy.

Let us think about those who do not have resources which we own, if we were at their level, what were our feelings...........?

ARCAD-Pak Mission:

Empowering and supporting village communities to manage their resources in a ways that promote self reliance and that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. And eradication of poverty amongst rural people through holistic sustainable development of rural areas so that people have control over their lives as well as equitable access to resources.



If you see tears in the eyes of any human being, please give him/her one of your's so sweet smile and you will feel more and more happiness without loosing any one of your own smile".  Malik Arif....