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Association for Rural Cooperation And Development (ARCAD-Pak) Abbottabad - Pakistan

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ARCAD-Pak Community Saving Bank (CSB)

ARCAD-Pak is a Non-Governmental, Non-political organization engaged in uplifting the low living standard of rural community.

ARCAD-Pak is registered with Social Welfare Department Abbottabad District NWFP, Pakistan under volunter society act 1961 Registration No. DSW/NWFP/678 in 1992.

ARCAD-Pak is working in rural areas of Balochisten and NWFP Provinces of Pakistan.

ARCAD-Pak head office is in Islamabad and Zonal offices at Abbottabad, NWFP, Buleda Turbat District of Balochistan.

Initially ARCAD-Pak has started its advocacy and development operation in Malikpur Valley (Janderbari, Najiali, Nakkra, Jhulgran, Malsa, Birangalli, Pangora, Sangi Mera, Noormang, Phulkot) (Lower Galiat in between Thandiani and Nathiagalli) of District Abbottabad.  Our community participation approach lead us to expand operations in other rural areas and in 1999 ARCAD-Pak has started working in Mansehra District NWFP and Buleda Balochistan.  WE WORK FOR THE PEOPLE WITH THEIR PARTICIPATION FOR THEIR PROSPERITY.......

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